10 Ghost Town in Japan

Ghost town or what's called a die town is very much in this world. Referred to as a ghost town or die town because this town is not inhabited or no longer existing human activities in the city. Cities are rarely or even never touched by humans. One of the dead city in Japan. Here are 10 ghost town in Japan:

1. Sports World Theme Park
Is a large amusement park, featuring a hotel, mini-golf, fitness center, swimming pool, wave pool, etc.. Having abandoned for 20 years, this place is overgrown with grass. lots of animal sounds like screaming monkeys, owls at night, adding a spooky place.

2. Fuchu U.S. Air Force Base
Air Force Base in Fuchu, built during World War II and abandoned in the 1980s.

3. Matsuo Ghost Town
Matsuo mine in northern Japan was opened in 1914 and closed in 1969. In its heyday, tambangini is the largest sulfur mine in the Eastern world. He has a workforce of 4,000 and a population larger than 15,000 people, all housed in an emergency in the mountain town Hachimantai Park. The city is also known as 'heaven on a cloud'

4. Love Hotel Akasaka
Love Akasaka Hotel is located at the end of a quiet strip of country road in western Tokyo. This hotel was built 11 years ago, but was closed after 3 years of operation, it is not clear why the hotel is in close, but from the news circulated as lonely visitor to the hotel.

5. The Toyo Bowling Alley
Yokoi came to Tokyo in 1928. In 1957, he has become manager of a bowling alley and department stores. In 1958, he was shot by a Yakuza gangster for 20 million yen in outstanding debt - but he survived. In 1987, he built Bowling Toyo. It features 108 lines, and is the largest bowling alley in Japan. In 1991, he bought the Empire State Building in New York. and then this place went bankrupt in 1999

 6. Osarizawa Factory and Mine
Gold and copper mining in the mines Osarizawa began about 1,300 years ago. and in closed in 1978. This site is now owned by the museum Mitsubishi. One of mine Osarizawa legend involving a lion-headed Gorgon with phoenix wings, cow foot and head of the snake, raungannnya terrible for children at the nearby villagers.

7. The Russian Village Theme Park
there is no correct description

8. Keishin Hospital Radiology
Keishin Hospital in Kanagawa prefecture had been a leading hospital for super high-tech radiology equipment. About 20 years ago this place was destroyed by act of the vandals.

9. Ashio Dozan Ghost Town
there is no clear source of information

10. Yamanaka Lake's Lost Bunker
haikyo were underground bunkers with Lake Yamanaka in the shadow of Mount Fuji. this place is not populated and the history of this place is even less clear. Finally, the mystery was solved by an explorer who has discovered a magazine featuring one of the logos at the site was owned by Bunker Sanyo Securities, a brokerage firm, which went bankrupt in 1999.


source: http://terselubung.blogspot.com/2011/03/10-kota-hantu-di-jepang.html

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